3 Phase Inverter X3 FORTH 80K


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Experience the remarkable power of our high-efficiency solar inverter, reaching an impressive 99% efficiency. Maximize your energy generation with multiple features like 12 MPPTs, 150% PV oversizing input, and 110% overloading output. 

Rest assured with reliable protection at every level, including AFCI protection, AC terminal temperature detection, SPD protection, and IP66 protection, ensuring your safety. Embrace intelligent capabilities like built-in export power control, remote maintenance, and 24-hour operation monitoring, offering seamless convenience. Discover the brilliance of smart solar panel I-V Curve Diagnosis and night-time reactive power compensation, optimizing your energy production. Plus, enjoy the benefits of a lightweight, compact design equipped with advanced heat dissipation technology, which makes the system more than 5% lighter and smaller. Unleash the true potential of our local energy solution, delivering efficient, safe, and convenient power generation for your needs.